How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

by Brick Jackson

There are many different ways that managers can go about motivating employees in the workplace and there are several different reasons why coming up with an employee motivation program is very important. For one, it helps to build trust with the employees and it let’s them know that their work is being recognized and that as a manager you appreciate everything that they do in the workplace. It is much easier to increase employee motivation when the economy is going good and the company is doing well. On the flip side, when the economy then turns around, you want to be sure that you don’t have any issues retaining employees.

It is important to make sure that feedback on a job well done is given at times in front of co-workers or in front of a group od people as well as in one-on-one situations in order to make the acknowledgments seem sincere. Let the employee know how they are contributing to the department as well as the company so they are able to see the big picture of what the work they are doing means. Positive reinforcement is key, especially in times of economic trouble as morale can quickly spread in the workplace which in turn hurts productivity on the job.

What are some different ways that you can provide motivation for an employee? One way would be to offer them a project or responsibility that is outside of their job scope. This lets them know that you recognize the great job they are currently doing and you trust them to perform additional tasks that go above and beyond their job description. It could also be something like an introduction to your boss or someone that is higher up in the organization with a few positive sentences about the employee so the person sees that they are truly valued.

Some companies think that they need to spend a lot of money for employee recognition programs or create special prizes for recognition but that does not have to be the case. They are many different ways to recognize employee performance on a budget that makes employees feel valued and that they work they are doing is being recognized.

You have to be careful as a manager about how much and how often you praise certain employees. There are some that will take the praise to mean they are indispensable to you and in turn look for off-cycle raises or an increase in their bonus amount or additional stock shares because they are performing well.

How you handle layoffs during this difficult economy can also impact the motivation of employees as well. How you treat the people that are let go as well as how you communicate the message of what happened to the remaining employees is going to play a big role in how motivated they remain.

The more transparent you are in your communication and the more questions that are answered, the more comfortable the employees will be instead of being left with doubts about their job and who may be next on the chopping block if you decide to just sweep the layoffs under the rug with no acknowledgment whatsoever.

If you are wondering how the different company employee recognition or employee motivation reward programs are working, the easier way to find out is through one-on-ones or by a employee motivation survey. There are several different templates for employee motivation questionnaire’s that you can find online or else you could have a third party company conduct the survey for you.

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